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Selected Press and Reviews

Sleipnir - Press release Yarat Contemporary Art Space

ArtBo Bogotá - Review in Conexión (Spanish)

- Review in Vanguardia (Spanish)

- Review in La Patria (Spanish)

Common Ancestor - Review in Art Cities by Efi Machalarou

              - Review in Frieze by Hili Perlson 

Domain of Things                  - Review in Art Agenda by Jörg Heiser    

                                                    - Review in Art in America by Vanessa Thill

                                                    - Review in Art Asia Pacific by HG Masters              

                                                    - Review in Harper's Bazaar by Katrina Kufer 

                                                    - Review in World Architecture

Pleasure                                    - Review by Bojana Bauer

The Moon Will Teach You    - Review in IBRAAZ by Erika Balsom

Kinetoscope of Time            - Review in Klassekampen by Anette Therese Pettersen

Maleström Observatory      - Review in B-Post by Nathalie Hope O'donnell

- Review in Kunstkritikk by Line Ulekleiv

Tristan Chord                          - Review in El Tiempo by Fernando Gómez

- Review by Daniel Paez in En Orbita

The Chariot of Greenwich   - Casas Riegner

Object to be Destroyed        - Entrée

Anytime Now                          - Review by Le Monde

- Paris Art