I was born in Colombia and I live and work in Oslo, Norway. I studied music composition, performance, and visual arts at Goldsmiths College, the Bergen National Academy of Arts, and completed my doctoral project in visual arts at the Norwegian Research Fellowship Programme in 2012.  

My sculptures, immersive installations and video works take a critical look at current and historical technologies and explore how they define our experience and understanding of time. This includes an interest in the mechanical, the intersection of the industrial and the mystical, as well as the emotional, sexual and spiritual undertones of digital culture. My work reflects a concern with how our networked and media-driven world reduces a certain diversity of attention. I address this by producing purpose-built spaces that seek to modulate audiences’ way of experiencing a situation or narrative. A good portion of my work reflects concrete narratives of the location where it is exhibited.

I have developed a variety of research projects at different institutions and with partners such as Goldsmiths College in London, Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, The Laban Centre in London, Bergen National Academy of Arts, and Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

My recent work has been staged at various platforms such as Yarat Contemporary in Baku, the 15th Istanbul Biennial, Contour Biennial, Performa13-New York, Kochi-Muziris Biennial, Marrakech Biennial, Kunstnernes Hus-Oslo, Hordaland Kunstsenter-Bergen, Brussels Biennial, South Bank Centre-London, L’appartement 22-Rabat, Galeria Vermelho-Sao Paulo, Kunsthall Mulhouse-France, Colomboscope-Sri Lanka.

I am currently professor of sculpture and installation at the Art Academy - Dept. of Contemporary Art at the University of Bergen, Norway.

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