The Moon Will Teach You

Contour Biennale, Polyphonyc Worlds: Justice as Medium, Mechelen, Begium, 2017, Curated by Natasha Ginwala

The Moon Will Teach You is a site-specific installation at the historic Salmon House in Mechelen, Belgium commissioned for the Contour Biennial in 2017. The project is based on the enigmatic text inscriptions that were inserted to musical choral manuscripts in the Flemish region in the 1400 and 1500s (particularly those of the workshop of Petrus Alamire), and their disappearance as mechanical printing methods of the time, and the region, gained strength.

In the attic of the Salmon House, the beams have been doubled and connected, through a system of weights, to a printing machine. As the mechanic structure is set in motion, the building creaks, as if awaken after a long sleep. The room eventually becomes completely dark, and the audience is immersed in a dark space. 

“In The Moon Will Teach You, I was very inspired by the kind of dynamic that exists in the printing press when the plate is squeezed onto a surface, and how stretched leather, string and stoneare involved in producing that kind of pressure. One can really imagine that leathery, squeaky round weight as the ink is transferred to the paper”. (Pedro Gómez-Egaña)

Photos: Kristof Vrancken


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