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Songs (vase, lamp, glass), kinetic sculptures 2019 - aluminum, stainless steel, motor, PLC controller, wood, cement, insulation panels 

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The Believers - Installation, 2019

kinetic sculpture: steel balls, steel wire, electromagnets, controller, table 

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Thin Glass 2019 - video (partially visible through the installation), 5’38

Islands, Zilberman Gallery, Sept 11 - Dec 8, 2019

Through a major architectural intervention, the exhibition Islands has transformed the main space at Zilberman Gallery in Istanbul into a series of playful limbos between a domestic space and a white cube. A tunnel-like structure hosts objects that spin so fast that their movement becomes almost imperceptible. A play with windows that connect spaces in the gallery, as well as the gallery with the city outside, points to the blur between real and artificial, private and public. An ordinary dining setting balanced over an inclined floor is broken and sliced by electromagnetic steel spheres. These morphed domestic spaces and objects follow the artists previous works in playing with the uncanniness of everyday life.

Taking its name from the 17th century English writer John Donne’s well-known saying, “No man is an island”, “Islands” reflects on digital interconnectedness but instead of focusing on digital interfaces, it presents a blur between inside and outside, public and private. It does so by focusing on analogue objects imbued with dynamics that make them ominous and fragile.

Photos: Kayhan Kaygusuz

Sculptures in the exhibition: Commissioned for The Munch Museum, Oslo, for Munchmuseet on the Move 2019

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