First Topographies / First Geometries

First Geometries, Video: Chroma

First Topographies , detail

First Topographies, detail

FIrst Geometries,  detail

FIrst Geometries, detail

PGE_006_Detail 01.jpg
PGE_006_Detail 02.jpg

Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, The Common Ancestor, 2018

Two works as a study in the gesture of the pointing finger as a claiming of territory and power.

In First Geometries a series of right-handed leather gloves appear empty and abandoned on a surface. Their animated index fingers compulsively try to point in random directions.

First topographies is a series of clay fingers fitted with neodyme magnets and held by thin threads to a wall or object. A second neodyme magnet in an opposing module attracts the finger so that it becomes suspended in mid-air.

Photos: CHROMA

Co-produced by Zilberman Gallery